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Blood Batteries: Even Batteries Are Ready For Halloween!!

Since everyone dressed up as Harley Quinn last year -_-, you got to really step up your game and come up with more creative ideas for this one. I’ll tell you what: Bloody Batteries. No one will have ever thought about it of course. You’ll definitely get high scores for originality. You’re welcome 🙂 Really now, did you know that scientist have discovered a molecule in our blood that serves as a catalyst and can be used to power batteries? Cool, eh?
We all have faced some troubles with lithium ion batteries one way or another. Throughout the time, batteries lose their ability to sustain a charge and stop working for good. Some batteries are a bit more risky as they might explode due to overheat, other may leak toxic fluids if not used for a long periods of time. Moreover, batteries come in rigid and bulky forms. However, a group of researchers acclaimed to have constructed a battery that can work with natural electrolytes, such as blood or sweat.
Scientists found that a molecule called heme found in blood could be used as a catalyst that would prevent the formation of lithium peroxide. Heme is a macromolecule that transports oxygen in the blood and can very much enhance battery power. Lithium ion batteries have been substituted by lithium-oxygen batteries. The new battery works through a cycle of reactions between the lithium and oxygen molecules, forming ions and generating electricity. The lithium-oxygen battery is by far more energy efficient as devices could work for weeks on a single charge, and electric cars could travel up to four times longer than current distances.
The heme molecule enhanced the lithium-oxygen battery’s function by decreasing the energy barrier of the reaction, effectively reducing the reaction cycles that generated electricity.
The discovery is a major breakthrough because battery power is magnified while wastes from butcheries are very pretty well utilized. In animal butcheries usually they face troubles to dispose blood but with this discovery they can use the heme molecules and use it as a renewable source of energy.
Furthermore, scientists have acclaimed that this battery could even function on sweat, tears or urine. The battery‘s paper-like form grants it remarkable flexibility. Researchers believe that the battery could, in the future, be printed onto long sheets, which could then be cut into small, custom-shaped batteries. Several sheets could be coupled together to power medical implants, such as artificial hearts. Thus, the battery is considered eco-friendly because of its lack of chemicals and high cellulose content. Researchers consider sugar and human blood glucose as valuable sources of power because they occur naturally, are easy to access and don’t emit harmful emissions.

It’s a promising energy revolution flowing literally from our veins into the palm of technology. While many exciting declarations have been made in the field of bio- batteries, it might take up sometime to replace nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion or other types of traditional batteries . The tiny, flexible, long-lasting and eco-friendly battery technologies show the great potential researchers see in bio-batteries, especially in the medical field. Bearing that in mind, scientists are exploring every possible possibility in bio-battery and fuel-cell technology. A research group even came up with a fuel cell that functions of gin and vodka. I wonder what Muslims will think of this technology. Are they going to abstain from using it because it’s haram? It’s not like they’re consuming it or anything. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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