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Lebanese companies are moving towards IOT

It’s true that Lebanon is not the first place to occur to someone when thinking about ground breaking technologies but within the recent years the Lebanese talent has proved itself worthy of the attention in the field of IT & IOT.

Lebanese people have made major breakthroughs in the field of IT that have positively impacted our world. People like Tony Fadel who led the team that invented the iPod before founding Nest Labs, the developers of the world’s first smart learning thermostat, and now currently leads the Google Glass Division. And Ramzi Haidamus, President of Nokia Technologies and a key player in pushing the worldwide adoption of Dolby technology on DVD and Bluray during his time with the company.

With several initiatives made to encourage Lebanese startups & develop partnerships in an attempt to expand global reach, many Lebanese companies emerged and most of them are deviating towards IOT.

Perhaps this very concept was perfectly conveyed in the UK-Lebanon Tech Hub where some Lebanese startups were funded by Lebanon’s Central Bank and the UK government to launch their products. CardioDiagnostics founder Ziad Sankari is a typical example of the new generation of Lebanese entrepreneurs emerging in the world stage. Indeed, nowadays, things aren’t as they were 10 years ago, as there have been drastic changes in the economy. Today, the government is far more supporting not to mention that Banque du Liban’s Circular 331 scheme has made easier for Lebanese people.
Sankari’s cloud-based wearable heart monitor, recently attracted attention from Barak Obama, who invited him to the White House and praised the innovative way that it leverages data in preventative medicine, alerting a patient’s doctor at the earliest signs of trouble and thus making it much more likely that they can get to life-saving treatment in time.
Rabih Nassar, Lebanese cloud platform Scriptr was awarded IOT Enterprise App Development Platform of the Year by IOT Breakthrough, an independent organization dedicated to helping the best IOT products and companies “Break Through” the crowded IOT industry. Scriptr, managed service & enterprise IOT application marketplace, has closed the second and final round of the $5 million Series. Nassar, will use the funding to expand business operations in the U.S. in an attempt to enable enterprises to create and deliver IOT  applications with reduced time-to-market and increased cost efficiency, combining agile application creation and a zero-DevOps managed service environment to power open, scalable, and secure IOT applications.

Tragging, another renowned Lebanese company based in Tripoli, has been the center of attention for a while now. They’re one of the first providers of RFID technology in which they utilized in a number of software like Tragging‘s fixed assets software for tracking fixed assets and a cloud based application “Where’s My Staff” for attendance and employees tracking.

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Of course, by integrating electronics and Internet connectivity capabilities within our everyday objects, IOT is the cornerstone for having a smarter environment, interconnecting the physical realm of Things and the virtual world of applications in the cloud.
Since Lebanese companies are getting more involved in the IOT, it’s predicted that this drastic shift will bring along considerable benefits & opportunities to the global economy. Not to mention that industry, agriculture, health system, and urban planning will gain more efficiency and competitiveness by leveraging the intelligence, precision, data analysis, and control capabilities provided by IOT solutions. In Lebanon, specific needs and potential challenges related to Internet and wireless infrastructure, regulatory aspects, investment and technical development, need to be seriously tackled in order to develop a solid IOT ecosystem. Efficient IOT solutions require new kinds of collaboration since IOT is not about a single technology, but a set of technological enablers from hardware miniaturization, ubiquitous connectivity, to advanced data analytics and cloud computing. With that being said, I truly believe that IOT in Lebanon will change everything not only in our economy but also our private lives within the few years to come.

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