RFID FUN  FACTS part two


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13. At the Milanese Ar Museum , RFID technology is used to enhance the experience of museum goers.

14. RFID is being used as an attendance detector. Schools in and around Cincinnati have  adopted RFID to make sure kids are getting to and from school. Kids have to check in and out to register their attendance.

15. Even the US Army uses RFID. From tracking parachutes to securing locations, America’s bravest rely on RFID to keep everything organized.

16. There is an RFID chip in your passport. Within the pages of your passport lies an RFID chip with all your  information which can be used to track your passport if it’s lost or stolen.

17. Tracking food. About 12% of perishable foods are lost each year during shipping. Which costs a substantial amount of money. RFID chips can help fight this loss by tracking each and every product.

18. RFID saves lives. It validated the origin of medicine, fighting the crime of counterfeit medicine.

19. No more waiting in lines as RFID chips can be used for easy check out at libraries and shops.

20. When you want to have a cone of ice cream, you wouldn’t have to bother saying which flavors you like. RFID could directly display which flavors you would like to have.

21. The luggage in airports are easily tracked using RFID tags.

22. RFID is used to track products. Producers use RFID devices to track their products from the time it’s made to the time it’s purchased.

23. RFID is used to track people as well. Many people are turning to RFID devices to secure Alzheimer’s patients by inserting an RFID tag into the patient’s arm. Should the patient become lost and disoriented, an easy scan reveals their address and any emergency medication or treatments they may need access to in the event of an emergency. This is a great way for many people to keep their parents safe.

24. RFID technology has impacted and ultimately improved the healthcare industry in many ways over the last several years. In one specific case, a partnership between Xecan and ThingMagic has provided a communication and tracking system for hospitals. This RFID “smart clinic” tracks patient location and wait times, ultimately allowing the clinic to operate more efficiently and increase patient satisfaction.

So, what do you think about these RFID crazy facts?   Let us know if you know more crazy RFID applications, we’d love to hear from you.

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