Lebanon’s ICT Sector

The Information and communication technology (ICT) sector is considered one of the main drivers of economic development and social change, worldwide. In Lebanon, the ICT sector observed a significant growth over the period stretching from 2009-2014, growing by an average annual rate of 7.9% to reach a market size of USD 381 [...]


Lebanese companies are moving towards IOT

It’s true that Lebanon is not the first place to occur to someone when thinking about ground breaking technologies but within the recent years the Lebanese talent has proved itself worthy of the attention in the field of IT & IOT. Lebanese people have made major breakthroughs in the field of IT that have positively impacted [...]


Smart Closet: Hello Amy, It’s Rainy Today!

What do you think about a SMART CLOSET? One thousand years ago, not even a sliver of all this technology has ever crossed the minds of people. To be honest, I can’t absorb everything that’s going on in our world as it gets too surreal for me sometimes. Everyone is talking about singularity and I don’t think we’re far away from that. As a [...]