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Technological Development: A Step Closer to Singularity

We all were once huge fans of Disney’s TV series from Lizzy McGuaire to Even Steven’s to Boy Meets World. One of my absolute favorite was That’s So Raven, and it’s about a girl with psychic abilities which enables her to see visions about the future. It was a very cool show, although it was highly unlikely to have met someone like her, still I have always believed that this might be conveyed in our future one way or another. And the day has come!! For my dreams to be heard, they will not be pushed aside or turned into you own all cause you won’t listennnnn.. Ops sorry, I just got carried away :$.. Come on, let’s be real, who doesn’t like Beyonce’!! Back to my point, today, due to all the technological development that’s taking place every single day, that psychic thing might actually come to life. Scientists are collaborating to develop brain modems that enable humans to record, upload and even share thoughts and memories among each other. Telepathy is going to be a major breakthrough in the world which is driving us closer to singularity.
Indeed, all these technological advances we’re witnessing on a regular basis are encouraging what’s so called “singularity”. You might have ran into the term if you happen to be a movie junkie like myself, but in case you haven’t, allow me to explain. The term singularity illustrates the moment when a civilization undergoes so much changes that its rules and technologies are not understandable to all previous generations. Think of it as a point-of-no-going-back in history.
Most thinkers believe the singularity will be the outcome of extremely swift technological and scientific changes. These changes will be so rapid, and so greatly influential, that every aspect of our society will be completely changed, from our very own bodies and families to our governments and economies.
Talking about the singularity is a paradox, because it aims at imagining something that is inconceivable to people in the present day. However, it has further urged science fiction writers to create some more fascinating and unimaginable ideas to be conveyed, hopefully, into major motion picture.


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