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Tragging Fixed Assets nets two BPM software awards from FinancesOnline

Experts have taken notice of our software and the reviews and recognition that followed were just overwhelming. So we wanted to share with you all the good news. Tragging Fixed Assets management software was recently examined by trusted B2B directory and scored it with an 8.0 out of 10 and rated it a perfect 100% on user satisfaction. Reviewers observed how Tragging Fixed Assets management software is able to simplify the process through visually appealing interface and color-coded status indicators. Coupled with the software’s ability to create map-like systems to better organize and allocate assets, this makes it easy to accurately monitor and control all registered fixed assets.

We’ve built Tragging Fixed Assets management software  along visual designs for users to easily navigate the platform and perform their tasks. It makes managing fixed assets less burdensome and more enjoyable. Although prime consideration was given to the software’s appearance, we did not undermine its functionality and equipped it with powerful features that allow users to micro-organize assets with map-like structures, generate dynamic reports that can be customized, and user assigned rights and permissions to access sensitive data, and many more. All these got the approving nods of reviewers prompting them to confer on Tragging Fixed Assets management software the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award under its BPM software reviews. These badges of distinction are given to products that have gained traction with customers because of outstanding features and total usability.

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Indeed, we’ve brought useful features and robust capabilities to the platform to make tracking the location, condition, quantity, maintenance, and depreciation status of your fixed assets right within your hands. What’s more, it is an RFID technology compliant solution, able to integrate with any ERP system, and has advanced data import tool built in. These functionalities help cut expenses associated with lost assets, reduce time wasted on physical counts operation, promote better accounting process, and ensure integrity of data, among others. As a result of the positive ratings and favorable reviews, Tragging Fixed Assets management software was elevated in FinancesOnline’s software rankings. It is now among the leading BPM software solutions of FinancesOnline, joining the elite list of established and big name BPM players. We are truly proud of these achievements that point to the effectiveness and performance of Tragging Fixed Assets management software as confirmed by both customers and experts.

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