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ROI Calculator

Our ROI calculator will show you your company’s exact return on investment and profit after using the RFID based solution of your choosing.

All you have to do is share your company’s status in 5 easy steps in order to get a detailed report that highlights the revenues that your company will make after using our RFID based solution, its cost and your return on investment. This report will also show you a detailed comparison between the cost of a regular tracking system and the RFID based tracking solution.

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Industry [?]
Items Quantity [?] 100
Total Stock Turns [?] 1
Number Of POS [?] 1
Number Of Warehouse [?] 1
Inventory Counts Per Month [?] 1

Compare Traditional Tech RFID Tech
Duration of Inventory Count (Hours) [?]
Error Margin in Inventory Count [?]
Cost of System (Hardware & Software) [?]
Cost of Handling and Storage [?]
Cost of Misallocated & Misplacement [?]

Calculation of ROI Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Reduction in Cost of Inventory Count (Labor) [?]
Reduction in Cost of Errors & Misallocated [?]
Profit from Selling More [?]
Total Profit Generate From Applying RFID Sys [?]
Cost of System Depreciation [?]
Cost of Hardware Maintenance [?]
Annual Cost of Tags [?]
Total Cost [?]
Net Profit [?]

Net Present Value ROI $