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Tragging SARL is an RFID solution provider based and operating in Lebanon since January 2014. With a dedicated team and a market solution approach in mind, there are no limits as to the heights the company will reach, working with an advanced technology such as this one. Tragging is now on the rise, offering RFID based solutions to companies in the Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Dubai and Saudi.

We, at Tragging company, believe that Internet Of Things will soon be considerably replacing current technologies in all developed and developing countries. We highly believe that current systems and techniques based on barcode scanning and on using traditional accounting and inventory software will soon disappear and will be substituted with IOT-based technologies. Only few companies are engaged so far in the process of developing hardware and software solutions in this field. For this purpose and for all the reasons we mentioned previously, we decided to create our own startup company Tragging in order to be among the first companies who compete in this domain in Lebanon, Saudi and Arab countries.

Our Team
Omar Alloush

Chairman Of the Board

Jalal Yehya


Jimmy Joumaa


Saleem El Deek

R&D Manager

Raed Helwe

Account Manager

Haneen Hussein

Visual Communication Manager

Our History

It all started with a team of dedicated auditors. Based on 11 years of experience, each noticed discrepancies and errors in their clients’ inventories and stock, leading them to believe that there had to be some sort of technology that could rectify or in the least minimize those errors. As their problem didn’t stop there, but continues with uncontrollable working hours and resources, their research began. Their solution was clear once they stumbled upon a technology called RFID, which unfortunately, was unavailable in Lebanon. This is where it all started. Bit by bit, their research was complete, and it was then that they decided to produce RFID-based solutions for companies and industries that currently have the same problem as their clients’. Their solution involved making inventory and stock tracking systems easier with the use of Tags and Readers.

Tragging was born after an internal training and brainstorming session, the result of which had both the problem and solution matched up under one name Tragging i.e. the act of tracking through tagging.

Hence, their first product, which, involved using an RFID-based software for Fixed Assets tracking. After continuous and lengthy market research and study, other products arose and more progress followed.

Today, Tragging SARL has a team of 15+ employees including auditors, electrical engineers, developers, designers, sales and marketing people who are vibrant, dedicated, passionate and most important of all, a family.


Our Vision

Business made easy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a company of an enormous intellectual capital through polarizing qualified individuals and supreme expertise in applying methods of knowledge management.  In the world of business or in private life, we aim at delivering method and management development for organizations that belong to the different sectors of society. These solutions are created through the creation of tools and specific complicated programs that limit human intervention in work sectors where routine and redundancy are embedded.

Our Values
  • Knowledge is infinite. We are in a constant state of learning.
  • Creativity is what we do.
  • We seek to deliver the best solutions for our customers.
  • Our clients are essential assets to the company which is why we continuously work to satisfy their needs and meet their expectations.
  • Our beliefs are built around the important principals of punctuality and mastery of tasks.
  • Our professional duties constitute of delivering a well-mannered, friendly, and fun approach to customers.
  • We understand, respect, and consider everyone.
  • Collaboration, consolidation, and familiarity among working staff are among our basic work principals.
  • We believe in the potential assets of the creative and the inspirational as leaders and believe not in hierarchies of positions.
What We Offer

Tragging SARL started developing various hardware and software solutions based on RFID technologies. Our company provides the market with numerous products that help small-scale and large-scale corporations enhance their business efficiency. Below is a list of our designed and developed products.

1- An RFID-based software for Fixed Assets tracking;

2- An RFID-based POS (Point Of Sale) system with inventory tracking software;

3- An antenna compliant with the international RFID standards (Transmission Frequency: 868 MHz, Transmission Power: 30 dbm);

4- New and innovative RFID solution to allow clients to customize the detection range;

5- A wireless power transmitter;

6- A low-cost, autonomous and high-tech robot for faster and easier inventory and Fixed Assets tracking;

7- A cutting-edge RFID-based Smart Shelf  & Smart Production line system;

8- Various solutions for customizing scanning devices upon our customers’ needs;

9- Inventing a smart phone application to determine and adjust the time and attendance of the employees using NFC technology. This very application can be also used to track the location of the employees and agents who work outside the company using GPS. This application works offline as well;

10- Working on developing an RFID-based Electronic Smart Label. Since the currently available labels in the market work wirelessly and necessitates changing the batteries annually, using our technology changing the batteries is no longer needed to sustain the function of the labels, where it is passive labels powered by RFID waves when exchanging information. It is a new technology that has never been introduced to the markets and is still in the early stages of development;

11- Developing and executing a program that permits the income tax on salaries and wages using Optical Recognition Characters (OCR). Where all the user must do is photograph the security contributions table and the program will automatically recognize the given data, calculate the taxes and contributions, fill the forms and send them through the Internet.

Tragging in Photo

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Tragging is Alien‘s VASP (Value Added Software Provider)


Alien in brief:

For 20 years Alien Technology has proven to be the trusted supplier of EPCglobal Gen2 and ISO/IEC 18000-6c compliant UHF passive RFID transceiver chips, tags, inlays & labels, fixed & mobile readers and related professional services for item tagging, retail/apparel, transportation, life sciences and many other applications.