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Fixed Assets Tracking

Today, due to the Fixed Assets Tracking and Management Solutions we propose, managers will be able to trace their company’s assets in a simple click. Our solution, based on RFID technology, will allow them accomplish this process promptly and at a low-cost.

Fixed Assets Tracking has always been an important and regular task to be accomplished by companies. This process is essential in order to build and analyze financial reports. Moreover, it helps managers keep track and localize the company’s belongings for security reasons like chairs, desks, machines, tools etc. It also provides a solution for tracking the validity, the due dates for Guarantees and Warranties and amortization schedules for each Fixed asset belonging to the company.

Today, due to the Fixed Assets Tracking and Management Solutions we propose, a manager will be able to trace the company’s assets in a simple click. Our solution, based on RFID technology, will allow accomplishing this process promptly and at a very low-cost.

With the help of RFID technology many tasks are becoming much simpler. This is because

  • Fixed Assets inventory has become fully automated and hence, building a team for accomplishing this task is no longer needed. All you have to do is to orient the RFID reader towards the room or hall for which you wish to do the inventory.
  • Managers will not lose the guarantee for any of the company’s fixed asset. Each of these assets will be equipped with a unique RFID tag that provides all needed details. For example, a manager will be able to know the date and place of purchase of a machine and all information about its guarantee and maintenance schedule.
  • Checking if assets are placed at their correct positions within the company’s premises is no longer done physically or manually. Our RFID system will automatically inform the appropriate personnel about any wrong misplacement of an asset or any unfound object.
  • Unlike Barcode based systems that require placing the barcodes in a revealed manner, RFID technology uses Tags that can be concealed within objects. We owe this feature to the wireless technology implemented by RFID where tags detection is done wirelessly. Therefore, it is possible to hide the tags in the assets and objects to track.
  • It is possible now to manage fixed assets employed in harsh environments. Whether they undergo high or low temperatures, high level of humidity and pressure, our solution provides for each case a different type of tags capable of handling these severe conditions.

The Fixed Assets Tracking products we have developed provide our customers with the latest methods for efficiently managing their Tangible Fixed Assets. These products target mainly both medium-sized and large-sized enterprises. Using our products, companies are able to accurately track their physical assets, quickly and with a minimum cost.

In order to achieve this, clients only need to attach simple and unique RFID Tags to their existing assets. A compliant software and RFID scanner will then communicate with these tags to localize and track the assets to which they are coupled. Any newly purchased asset will also acquire its own RFID Tag and it will be identified in the compatible software in order to be tracked as well.

Most important features of our Fixed Assets Tracking Solution:

rfid system-02-01 100% RFID System 

Our system is not only compliant with RFID but it is even built and based on this emerging technology.

user freindly_Artboard 10  Ease of use

In order to help our customer take full advantage of our offered system, the solution we propose relies on the Visual Interaction with the user. It uses a Color Indicator based approach and it projects all information on a distinguished dashboard.

multi structure Multi Structure

A user can specify and adjust the structure of the Fixed Assets Tracking operation upon his needs. For example, he can track the assets starting with the building then by story then by rooms in each story or simply by checking the department.

integrate with quickbook QuickBooks Compliant

This system is compliant with any accounting software available on the market.

multiple reports-01 Multiple Reports

The solution produces several and different reports like financial reports, fixed assets tracking reports, amortization schedules, reports about guarantees and warrantees of the fixed assets.

multi user-05 Multi-User

This solution can be granted to several users simultaneously and different authorizations can be given to each user.

import from excel Importing from Excel

Users can import all data from Excel sheets with a simple maneuver.

bulk entry-03 Bulk Entries

Using our software, users can execute multiple assets acquisitions processes simultaneously.

help section-02 Help Section

In one click on the F1 button, users can obtain full and detailed help documents.

For more info about Tragging Fixed Assets Tracking software features, please visit the product official website click here.
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