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Inventory Tracking & POS Solution

Tragging SARL offers a full solution package for POS and inventory Tracking.

Tragging SARL provides its customers with new and up-to-date technologies for efficient POS and Inventory Tracking. This solution based on RFID helps us in 4 tasks: improving the selling efficiency, enhancing the buying experience, improving the stock and shelves management. Our solutions help mid-sized and large-sized retail companies significantly improve their efficiency by reducing errors and thefts committed at the point of sale. In addition, our solution greatly facilitates the inventory tracking task by making it cheaper, more flexible and time-efficient and helps managers doing the inventory on a daily basis.

Our provided POS and Inventory Tracking solution is based on the RFID technology for item recognition

When a customer shows up at a POS with the items he or she would like to purchase, wireless scanners will detect the RFID Tags previously attached to the merchandise. When a tag is identified, the item will also be recognized and consequently its price. Afterwards, when all brought-in items are recognized, dedicated software will automatically generate the purchase amount and receipt.

In addition, our solution provides flexible and fast inventory tracking by using a dedicated Handheld RFID Reader. This wireless reader is capable, through a simple click, of detecting and recognizing a large number of RFID tags located within meters of its position and within a very short time (up to hundreds of tags per second). Hence, our solution allows managers to accomplish a complete inventory tracking of a warehouse in a matter of minutes with the aim of saving money and improving the purchase procedure. On the other hand, this system also helps employees in looking and locating any item available in the store.

 POS & inventory tracking System’s Features

user freindly_Artboard 10 User Friendly

what makes our POS and inventory tracking systems appealing and practical are their flexibility and design simplicity. It consists of a color indicator scheme that verifies the availability of items in store. It processes a user friendly interface that employees can run proficiently.

rfid or barcode-02 RFID &/or Barcode

When both relatively cheap and expensive items coexist in a store, implementing systems dealing with both types of products seem necessary. Since buying RFID tags for items with low margin of profit is not lucrative, the barcode based system may still be needed. Thus, our Inventory Tracking system can handle both RFID and barcode based systems for handling the two categories of merchandise.

multi currency-03 Multi-Currency

Our Inventory Tracking system supports Multi-Currency Pricing. It allows stores to price their merchandise and services in different currencies for expanding their global marketplace

multi tax_Artboard 8 Multi-Tax

Our POS and Inventory Tracking system supports multi-tax structure. Our software is capable of acknowledging different taxes schemes, thus having a global, more flexible and accurate taxing process.

costum field-05 Custom Fields

POS and inventory Tracking systems must be flexible with respect to the store’s needs. To have more precise and organized data, user must have the right to create up to 3 custom fields in each of these tables: clients, suppliers, items. Thus, a full description of the product, its provider and the clients interesting in buying can be provided.

multi user-05 Multi-User Level

In order to ensure privacy and security, each user has a set of privileges that he cannot violate. Employers and administrative personnel control and assert the roles of each employee and user.

Full-Auto POS-06 Full-Auto POS

an additional feature that must be available in retail stores is the full-auto POS. It consists of a POS where the system automatically checks bought items and provides customers with their receipt. In Full-Auto POS, human intervention is eliminated, thus making the overall buying process faster.

Full-Auto Inventory Count_Artboard 8 copy Full-Auto Inventory Count

Inventory should be conducted on a daily basis in order to keep track of both available and missing stock. Our built in inventory management system scans automatically supplies in shops and warehouses making it helpful for efficiently managing them.

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